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Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour

Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour

Buddhist Pilgrimage tour in Nepal 

This tour is for those who want to get knowledge about Buddha and birthplace and a meditation from Lama (spiritual teacher). This package will serve you with detail information about Buddha and his philosophy. Sightseeing in Kathmandu and Lumbini are the main attraction of this tour. Moreover, this tour provides information about Tibetan Buddhism.

Buddhist Pilgrimage tour in Nepal commences from Kathmandu valley and move to the birthplace of Lord Buddha. The tour started from the famous place Swoyambhunath and Boudhanath stupa. Both places have holy regard for Buddhism along with spiritual belief. Swoyambhunath which is also known as monkey temple has a historical record found on a stone inscription written in the 5th century whereas Boudhanath stupa has a strong influence on Tibetan Buddhism cause inbuilt by Tibetans refugees.

Buddhist pilgrimage tour in Nepal package recommended the place to visit  Tilaurkot and Gotihawa which are within Lumbini. This place has significant important cause this is the exact place of Lord Buddha. Tilaurakot is the hometown of Prince Siddhartha who later went to become Buddha. Many archaeologists had identified that there was a kingdom which was before 2500 years ago where Siddhartha spent his 29 years of his princely life. The archaeologist has success the quarrying basement structure of ancient palace with old monasteries and other historical material which are preserved and still can be seen. Gotihawa located about 3 km south west of taulihawa, is believed to be the birthplace of Nirvana of Karkuchanda Buddha, who came before Shakyamuni Buddha in Nepal Lumbini

At Kathmandu after visiting Lumbini, your tour will come to an end. In the Kathmandu, you will provide the mediation course with guideline from the lama in Kopan Monastery or other meditation centres. Buddhist Pilgrimage tour in Nepal you will practice the mode of consciousness or realize some benefit with guideline from the Spiritual guru inside the monastery or camp.

Highlights of Buddhist pilgrimage tour:

  • Lumbini

The major attraction of Buddhist pilgrimage tour in Nepal is Lumbini which is the birthplace of Founder of Buddhism Siddhartha Gautama. Lord Buddha was born in 623 B.C in Kapilvastu which is now called Tilaurakot, Lumbini Nepal. Siddartha Gautam was born in the royal family and left the royal facilities and his family in search of the true answer to human existence and the true meaning of Human life. He then got enlightenment in Bodhgaya, Bihar, India. 

  • Kathmandu

Kathmandu is the highlights of Buddhist pilgrimage tour in Nepal since this city of Temple have various Buddhist pilgrimage sites, Gompas and monasteries. In every street in Kathmandu, you will see Temples and Gompas. The major attractions for Buddhist pilgrimage tour in Kathmandu are UNESCO enlisted world heritage sites Swyambhunath and Bouddhanath. Moreover, In the Pharping region near to Kathmandu valley, you can explore a village full of Buddhist monasteries,  temples and Asura and Yanglesho caves.

  • Swoyambhunath

Swayambhunath is the UNESCO enlisted world heritage site and is a famous pilgrimage destination for Buddhist pilgrim. The Stupa is uniquely influenced by Hindu religion since you can see Hindu temple beside the Stupa. Swyambhunath is situated in Kathmandu. Swoyambhunath is also known as monkey temple has a historical record found on a stone inscription written in the 5th century. 

  • Boudhanath

Bouddhanath is another UNESCO enlisted world heritage site located in Kathmandu and is also a famous pilgrimage destination for Buddhist pilgrim. This ancient stupa is a world’s biggest stupa. Boudhanath stupa has a strong influence on Tibetan Buddhism cause inbuilt by Tibetans refugees.

  • Kopan Monastery

Kopan Monastery in Kathmandu is the Buddhist monastery in Tibetan tradition which offers basic and advanced courses on Buddhist yoga and Meditation. The monks and Lamas are the spiritual teachers who are teaching Yoga and meditation in Kopan Monastery.

  • Meditation and Yoga

Meditation and yoga are the major attraction of Buddhist pilgrimage tour in Nepal. In Kathmandu you will get the chance to learn Buddhist yoga and meditation in Kopan Monastery from spiritual teachers; the monks and the lamas. Kopan monastery provides yoga meditations for beginners and they are providing the advanced courses as well. Hence, Meditation and yoga in Kopan monastery will help you relieve your stress and boost up your brain's perception, the efficiency of processing, awareness and willpower. Moreover, you will find the true spirit inside you and this experience will be awesome.

Day 01:           Arrive at Kathmandu

Meet, assist and transfer to Hotel.

Day 02:           Excursion day in Buddhist religious places in Kathmandu

Sightseeing of Soyambhunath in the morning and afternoon sightseeing of Pashupatinath and Boudhanath. Overnight at Kathmandu.

Day 03:           Kathmandu to Nuwakot

Drive to Nuwakot via Kabilash (Guru Rinpoche Place, Tsanglai Lathog). Stop at Kabilash for exploring Kabilash area and visit Guru Rinponche place. Then continue drive towards Nuwakot (Balpo Jong, meeting place of Milarepa and Indian Master Dharma Bodhi). Also, we can visit the palace of king Prithivi Narayan Shah, unifier of Nepal, Bhairabi Temple protector of Vajra Kila. Night at Nuwakot at Nuwakot Farm House

Day 04:           Nuwakot to Daman

Drive to Daman. This day we will continue exploring Devighat (Tshawai Tshasho, Guru Rinpoche place) and protector of Vajra Kila. After that we will drive to Rishishor (Chumig Changchub, Guru Rinponche Place). Night at a Tourist resort at Daman with panoramic view and enjoy the enchanting nature walk.

Day 05:           Daman to Pharping then back to Kathmandu

 We will drive from Daman to Pharping (Yanglesho and Asura, Guru Rinpoche Place). Lunch at Pharping Restaurant. Visit Buddhist monasteries, temples and Asura and Yanglesho caves. These are the caves where, Guru Padmasambhava subdued negative energies and achieved the enlightenment. We can also visit Pharping Vajra Yogini famous for retreat centre of famous Tibetan Lamas including Marpa. After Visiting all the places drive back to KTM. We will stay overnight at Hotel in Kathmandu.

Day 06:           Free day in Kathmandu.

Day 07:           Departure

Note: We will cover four pilgrims’ sites of Padmashambhava, according to Bharchey Lamsel prayer of Padmashambhava, on this route

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